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College of Saint Mary Named a 2022-23 College of Distinction

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

OMAHA, Neb. – College of Saint Mary has been recognized for its honorable commitment to helping undergraduate students learn, grow and succeed by Colleges of Distinction, a unique guide for college-bound students. CSM has been named a 2022-23 College of Distinction, Nebraska College of Distinction and Catholic College of Distinction. “I’m pleased to learn College of Saint Mary has received this honor,” said President Dr. Maryanne Stevens, RSM. “It reflects the university’s commitment to the empowerment and education of women.”

Aside from overall undergraduate recognitions, Colleges of Distinction also awards recognitions in individual areas. CSM has earned additional recognition in the fields of Business, Education, Nursing, Career Development, and Equity & Inclusion.

College of Distinction’s selection process consists of in-depth research and detailed interviews with schools, accepting only those that adhere to the Four Distinctions: Engaged Students, Great Teaching, Vibrant Community, and Successful Outcomes. “When we focus all of our attention on how the schools stack up against one another, we lose track of what really matters: the students themselves,” said Wes Creel, founder of Colleges of Distinction. “Every student has individual needs and their own environment in which they’re most likely to thrive. We want to extend our praise to the schools that prioritize and cater to students’ goals.”

CSM’s inclusion is informed by the unique ways it commits to achieving success. The effective strategies for student satisfaction and outcomes were the kinds of engaging experiences found at CSM. “We’re inspired by the ways in which College of Saint Mary immerses students in their fields while fostering a welcoming community that will support them through and beyond their college years,” Creel said.

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