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$40,000 NASA STEM Transfer Grant

Bolstering Learning Opportunities, Outreach & Mindfulness

With the support of NASA MUREP Grant funding, the College of Saint Mary offers a unique and competitive program for academically talented community college transfer students who excel in STEM. Transfer students interested in STEM could receive $20,000 annually for tuition, up to two years toward your College of Saint Mary education. NASA STEM Transfer Grant Scholars receive academic support from tutors, gain research opportunities, enjoy a bright, science and math-minded women's community, and participate in seminars and student clubs.

In addition to financial support toward tuition, NASA STEM Transfer Grant Scholars also have these great opportunities:

  • Seamlessly shift from attending community college to achieving a bachelor’s degree at CSM.
  • Discover STEM career pathways through mentorship opportunities and hands-on field experiences.
  • Enhance your knowledge and skills by engaging in mindfulness practices and wellness activities.
  • Engage in a summer research internship at NASA or join the INBRE Research Program at CSM.
  • Participate in undergraduate research and present at regional and national science-related conferences.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • Students must pursue a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Human Biology.
  • Students must be transferring from a community college.
  • Demonstrate strong STEM preparedness through coursework, extracurricular activities, and/or job experience in science and math.


Application Process

Before starting your application form, we recommend having your final essay completed and ready to upload within the application. 

1. Complete Application Form

Enter the same Username and Password that you used to apply to College of Saint Mary. Can't remember your log-in or have questions/issues with logging in? Email Salesforce [at] or call/text 402-399-2355.

2. Submit Essay (within application)

Please describe specific academic or personal events over the past two years that have influenced your interest and motivation to seek a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Human Biology (STEM) degree and refer to your anticipated graduate school or career path. Additionally, explain what your greatest needs are as a learner and how a wellness-focused learning experience might help you connect to coursework, student research, and co-curricular activities.

3. Personal Interview

Once we have received all this information, you may be asked to participate in an in-person or phone interview. When your application is complete, your admissions counselor will schedule this interview if required.